Daniel and Friends Fund

Daniel and Friends Fund
The Daniel and Friends Fund...creating the platform for a stronger, more intimate special needs community

What is the Daniel and Friends Fund?

On the 23rd August 2013 little Daniel le Roux lost his lengthy and courageous battle with Leigh Syndrome, exactly one week after another little warrior, Mariele Laurie, succumbed to complications of the syndrome she suffered from, Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome. Professor Pieter Fourie, whose care of and love for Daniel and Mariele had gone over and beyond anything which might be considered fair professional expectation, was determined not to allow the heartache and devastation caused by such tragedy to go without lending itself to a higher purpose...and so shortly after Mariele and Daniel had earned their angel wings, Professor Fourie shared with Kate and Lianie, their mothers, his vision for an organisation which would provide much-needed support for other parents who might be on a similar journey. Just a few short months later, the Daniel and Friends Fund was born guided by, by this time, three special needs mothers, each symbolic of the three friends who had helped Daniel in the Biblical passage from which Professor Fourie had drawn his inspiration.

Since their launch in February 2014, the Daniel and Friends Fund (a registered non-profit organisation) and the dedicated and driven people behind it, have provided not only the emotional and psychological support often sought by parents of children with special needs, but have also committed to ensuring that these parents have had access to the necessary knowledge and training in order to equip them to care for their children in the best possible way that they can. While largely focusing on top priority issues like providing extremely affordable CPR courses, free therapy sessions, psychology-based programs for the parents, occasional donations of items/equipment necessary for caring for a child with special needs...the importance of also creating a fundamental base from which friendships and 'normalcy' can stem has not gone overlooked. To this end, the Daniel and Friends Fund mommies are often treated on special days like Mother's Day and Women's Day and, where possible, these invitations are extended to the entire family for celebrations such as Mandela Day, Christmas Day, etc.

The purpose of our blog is not only to provide the opportunity for sponsors, supporters and followers to stay in touch with the various projects and events we're busy with but also, and just as importantly, to provide an insight for others into what life entails for families on a special needs journey, as well as enlightening fellow parents to the fact that this journey need not be travelled alone...

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Function 2016 - Giraffe House

On Sunday, 11th December, 46 families gathered excitedly at the popular Giraffe House to attend the 3rd Annual Daniël and Friends Fund Christmas Party and despite more than 140 guests attending the function, the atmosphere was filled with companionship and intimacy, what one would expect, instead, from a small, close family gathering. The group reflected on the past year and then, with unrestrained emotion, proceeded with the traditional lighting of candles in remembrance of the children who had earned their angel wings.  There was not a dry eye in sight as the announcing of the Little Miss and Little Mr awards began, a light-hearted yet meaningful sentiment through which to recognise some of the moms and dads who had, during the course of the year, stood out in their own unique way.  Once the likes of Little Miss Magic and Little Mr Bounce had graciously accepted their awards and well-deserved applause it was time for the most jovial of Santa’s to make his merry entrance and entertain the children with his gift-giving expertise, while moms and dads headed off to the Mad Batter for some decadent pancakes.  Gifts torn open and tummies full, families gathered around for the highly-recommended reptile show to ease the function to an end, albeit with a somewhat acquired appreciation!

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